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CEBE BikeShare

As part of the CEBE Bikeshare working group you can help to keep an eye on bikes being used throughout the community, help repair and fit bikes when needed, move bikes around to community bike racks, help people register for the program, promote bike safety and driver awareness efforts, and help promote the program.


Food Forest

This working group is now in the design stage of creating the food forest at Alan Day Community Garden. If you are interested in helping with design and procuring plants, please let us know.


Fare share Kitchen Renovation

This working group has made a proposal to the Fare Share Co-op Board of Directors and has gained approval to move forward with the renovations. The design will still need refining, but we will be ready to move into renovations once finances are secured. Grants are out and in process for this. Once renovations begin, we will need volunteers to help with building and plumbing.



The Food Working Group has been formed to understand what it will take to make our area food secure so that we can rely on food being produced locally and regionally, instead of being imported from many miles away.



Energy Working Group is forming to understand what it will take to make our area energy secure by way of alternative energy sources and community-owned energy plants.



Shelter Working Group is forming to understand what it will take to provide shelter for all in the most sustainable and energy efficient manner. Reskilling builders to design and build from local materials and becoming as sustainable as possible so that more people can build their own shelters will allow us to be more resilient and less dependent on current building practices and materials.



Transportation Working Group is forming to understand what it will take to allow people to get around without relying so heavily on fossil fuel and individual cars. Public transportation, bicycles and alternative means will be explored so that everyone socioeconomically can be mobile and not affected by the variable cost of fossil fuel.


Looking to fulfill volunteering hours for a graduation


Learn, help, and have a lot of fun doing it! CEBE has a lot to offer within these working groups and can help you get those hours!

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