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Center for an Ecology-Based Economy

Resilient Communities Restoring the Earth


Building sustainable, resilient communities will take long term thinking, listening, meeting, talking, planning, collaborating, and finally, acting. CEBE is action oriented. We have several projects completed and underway that demonstrate how an ecology-based economy can lead to community resilience and help restore the earth. While useful in and of themselves, they are hints at a more robust economy that will weather the challenges of climate instability and resource depletion, provide meaningful work, and create community health and wellbeing.


Below are actions that might lead us to that robust economy and celebrate the richness of our ecology and wisdom or our community. We are also working on a list of 100 Sustainable Businesses that could create jobs while providing for essential needs.


Taking meaningful action to move us towards sustainability and resilience will take a community wide effort. Please join us. We need your ideas, experience and vision.


  • Healthy Oxford Hills
  • Oxford Hills Wellness COLLABORATIVE
  • Western Foothills Land Trust
  • ACE Team
  • Alan Day Community Garden
  • Community Food Matters
  • Community Food Council
  • Fare Share Co-op
  • Norway Downtown
  • Town of Norway
  • Transition Oxford Hills
  • Books-N-Things
  • Bicycle Coalition of Maine
  • Maine Rural Partners
  • Western Maine Permaculture Meetup
  • Resilience Hub
  • Sustainable Oxford Hills
  • Maine Farmland Trust
  • Community Food Strategies
  • Café Nomad
  • Norway Farmers' Market at Old Squires
  • Maine Federation of Farmers' Markets

Ecology-Based Businesses


1. Cooperative Commercial Kitchen*

2. Grain mill

3. Artisan Bakery

4. Recording studio

5. Bronze casting foundry

6. Biochar manufacturing

7. Wood-fired cook stove and water heater manufacturing

8. Passive Solar Hot Water Systems

9. LEED Certified Manufactured Housing

10. Vermiculture facility

11. Mushroom Cultivation and Mycology supplies

12. Smoke house

13. Co-op Cannery

14. Soy, Almond, Rice Products: Milk, Tempeh, Tofu, Garden Burgers

15. Unique small-scale farming equipment

16. Municipal composting facilities

17. Hand forged garden tools

18. Bioregionally adapted garden seeds

19. Modular solar greenhouses

20. Heirloom fruit tree nursery

21. Cheese cave

22. Yogurt manufacturing

23. Kombucha manufacturing

24. Vegetable sprouts

25. Juice Bar

26. Ski, sled, and snowboard manufacturing


27. Fish Farm (Tilapia) with aquaculture

28. Four-season hydro-organic salad production

29. Pottery

30. Cooperative Kiln

31. Bike shop*

32. Battery recycling center

33. Compact fluorescent light bulb plant

34. Brewery and Pub

35. Winery

36. Herbal Apothecary

37. Electric Car Conversions

38. Biodiesel Plant

39. Solar panel factory

40. Tackle shop

41. Fishing rod manufacturing and fly tying

42. Butcher shop*

43. Creamery

44. Basket manufacturing

45. Music store

46. Guitar manufacturer

47. Juice bottling plant

48. Apiary

49. Eco Funerals

50. Simple Coffins

51. Used Building Materials

52. Solar/Methane powered chicken tractors (light and water heater)

53. Cargo Bike Manufacturing

54. Cargo Bike/Pedicab/Bike Messenger Service

55. Book making and printing

56. Switchgrass pellets


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