Center for an Ecology-Based Economy

Resilient Communities Restoring the Earth


To engage the community in developing practical, ecological solutions in the areas of food, shelter, energy, and transportation.


Our goal is local community sustainability, health, and resilience in response to climate instability and resource depletion.

In the last 50 years we have burned more fossil fuels than in the previous entire history of the human race. As we approach the peak of fossil fuel extraction and increasingly experience the effects of burning that fuel on our climate, we owe a debt to our children. If we and future generations are to have the opportunity to build a sustainable post-carbon future, we will need access to remaining resources to create that infrastructure.


As a society, we need to refrain from burning as much of this remaining collective wealth as possible. In doing so, we will eliminate the associated greenhouse gas emissions, avoid the critical 2º Celsius rise in global temperature, mitigate the accelerating "sixth great mass extinction" of biodiversity, and leave a habitable planet for our descendants.

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