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Kitchen Reno

Fare Share Co-op, Norway, Maine

The Center for an Ecology-Based Economy, in partnership with Fare Share Cooperative Market, seeks to renovate the Co-op’s kitchen so they are able to meet one of their stated goals of providing “an educational center for promoting the understanding of sustainability, nutrition, and wellness to the larger community.”


Currently, the kitchen’s layout and stock room are difficult to navigate and utilize based on outdated equipment and current organizational needs. The Co-op also seeks to offer more healthy, seasonal, ready-to-eat foods on a regular basis, which it cannot do currently due space constraints. This renovation would also provide the Co-op with the infrastructure it needs to offer an on-going classes, highlighting local food enthusiasts (growers, producers), while they teach how to cook certain foods.



Renovating the kitchen will allow for a better use of space that is currently unusable due to storage and equipment organizational issues. This will allow Fare Share Co-op to better utilize their cooking facilities so they may offer more options of freshly prepared food to their customers. The creation of a pass-through window and/or door also allows a larger space to be available for cooking workshops open to the public. This window would connect the kitchen with The Commons, a space long-held for community meetings, films, and workshops. By reorganizing and updating the cooking area, more education can be offered to “promote understanding of sustainability, nutrition, and wellness.”


Additional programming components include offering community dinners, which offer an educational component about the food being served with ingredients from the Co-op and also a workshop series spotlighting local producers/growers who teach how to cook a specific, seasonal crop. Photographs, information, and recipes would be collected from this workshop series to create a publication highlighting local foods from local producers. Creation of this publication would help this information reach a wider audience and help broaden and educate the general public about it’s local farmers and food available to them.


The Co-op serves a wide population in our community. Fare Share accepts SNAP/EBT benefits recipients and since implementing this program, has seen a large rise in consumers from this demographic. Now, more people from a lower socio-economic level have access to fresh, local, seasonal food, as well as a variety of whole grains sold in bulk. This kitchen renovation would allow the Co-op to better serve these customers and offer them more educational opportunities to learn about cooking healthy foods.


It will also enhance or improve project self-sufficiency by encouraging the purchase and use of local food by highlighting local farmers, growers, bakers in a series of workshops described above, to be held each month, utilizing the new kitchen as well as The Commons. This renovation will directly support Fare Share Co-op as a non-profit, member-owned organization that believes strongly in purveying healthy, locally-sourced foods.



Phase 1 Goal

More efficient use of stock room for storage and transfer of goods—measured by staff and volunteer testimonials based on frequency and ease of use.


Phase 2 Goal

Ability to fulfill Fare Share Co-op’s goal of offering education by hosting educational workshops regarding preparation, cooking, preserving and storage demonstrations—measured by number of workshops hosted and number of participants, testimonials from participants.


Quick Facts


Think of an edible forest garden, containing a diverse mix of plants like fungi, herbaceous ground covers, perennial vegetables, fruit and nut bearing vines, shrubs, and trees.


 Maine Local Foods Grant funded by Harvard Pilgrim Health Care and Maine Sunday Telegram.



$5000 Food Forest Design, Workshop Programming & Implementation by CEBE


$2000 Food Forest Trees, Plants, and Seeds


$1500 Food Forest Soil Building (hauling in compost and materials)



Interested in getting involved? Contact us or contact Scott Vlaun directly at 207-520-0575 or at scott@ecologybasedeconomy.org.


Phase 1 Blueprint

Phase 2 Blueprint

3-D Sketch

Phase 1 Spreadsheet

Phase 2 Spreadsheet

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