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December 2016 Dear Supporter, Now more than ever! Thank you for your donation of to CEBE this year. With the end of a busy year we’re into the holiday season, and with it comes our gratitude for your support of CEBE and all that we are trying to accomplish. Your donation has allowed us to maintain our daily effort in our Main Street space in Norway where we continue to engage the community, raise awareness, and work on projects. We’ve expanded Edible Main Street and the Community BikeShare, the Food Forest is growing, the Foothills Food Festival, EV Expo and Start Solar Now events were all successes, and we have been able to offer many workshops, talks and films from solar to soil here in The Commons and beyond. In the spring we organized bulk purchasing and pickup of supplies and trees from FedCo, saving thousands of dollars for local growers. We had workshops on mushroom foraging, seed saving, forest gardening and a tiny house design charrette. All the while, we continue our strategic planning work with our board of directors to assure that our work continues to move us toward our mission. We have just begun to tackle climate change preparedness planning that many cities and towns across the nation are forming. And now more than ever, raising awareness about this and pointing our community to a more ecology-based economy is where our work makes a difference. As we progress each year the community’s vision becomes more and more clear. Our FOOD Working Group is focused on creating a local food system where 50%–80% of our food is grown and distributed in the area by 2050 so that everyone has access to healthy affordable food grown with regenerative agriculture practices. For ENERGY, installing solar on every suitable rooftop and in open spaces like parking lots, could begin to create a locally-controlled power supply. Factories for solar panels and wind turbines here in Western Maine would provide jobs for thousands and make us a leader in the country for clean renewable energy. A passenger rail corridor would bring opportunity to residents who are transportation-challenged and lessen our carbon footprint. More EV Chargers will encourage people to make their next car an electric one, potentially powered by solar energy. And for TRANSPORTATION we’ll always promote bicycles as one of the best means to commute to work or run errands. Pedal powered cargo bikes that make deliveries and move recycling and compost could provide healthy jobs to teenagers and younger adults. SHELTER brings tiny houses, but more importantly a way to teach people how to build their own houses with local resources instead of shipping in materials and labor. These houses, tiny or not, then become an inspiring space, which cultivates a sense of integrity, dignity and freedom. Working with programs through Efficiency Maine, Community Concepts and the Sierra Club give us even more resource to raise awareness and promote efficient, weatherized, green buildings. We’re quickly understanding that resilience can only happen when all interests and sectors of our community, from bottom to top, are considered and engaged. There is no silver bullet to resilience—it will take many different kinds of effort, large and small. In so doing, we will begin to shift the social and political will towards a future that is not only more resilient, but actually a more enjoyable and fulfilling way to live on this planet. Your support allows this work to move forward as we shift the paradigm for Maine’s western foothills region and move us toward community sustainability, health and resilience as we venture into a climate-, resource- and economically-challenged future. With much gratitude and on behalf of our Volunteers, Working Groups and Board, Scott, Zizi & Seal

Matching Grant from Paris AutoBarn!


In support of our Earth Day campaign to raise $20,000, Paris Autobarn has committed to match the first $5,000 raised from individual donations. This support, from one of the area’s most environmentally-conscious businesses, is critical for us, so please give generously and watch your donation get doubled.


“When we started Paris Autobarn, we agreed that we would contribute part of our profits to local organizations that share our goals and ideals. CEBE’s mission aligns perfectly with our goal of running our business in an environmentally conscious way and encouraging others to do the same.


Sustainable transportation is of particular importance to us. A rapid transition to clean and sustainable transportation is vitally important to our community’s and our entire planet’s future. That’s why we support CEBE’s plan to create a sustainable transportation infrastructure in our communities including supporting safe cycling and public transportation initiatives, as well as developing a community-wide network of electric vehicle charging stations to encourage local residents, and visitors alike to drive electric vehicles. We hope you will join us, and CEBE, in our ambitious goal, and help pave the way to a sustainable future.”


—Tony Giambro and Adam Baril, Paris AutoBarn

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