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CEBE Community Solar

Community solar farms make grid-tied solar power more accessible by combining the electrical generation needs of multiple businesses and households into one large solar array. Each “off taker,” or subscriber, gets credited on their monthly electrical bill for their share of the solar electricity generated. This credit is typically enough to offset the subscriber's share of the cost of the installation, which is paid off over time to make it affordable. Taking advantage of this economy of scale can help make solar accessible to anyone who currently pays a CMP electric bill.


The goal of the program is to make solar energy accessible for all local residents who otherwise might have difficulty going solar due to lack of a suitable site or financial constraints. CEBE Community Solar hopes to install its first community solar farm in 2018. Additional projects will be considered as interest and demand arise.


"Community solar farms like this can benefit residents and small businesses in western Maine. Many people want to have the benefits of solar power, but haven’t been able to because they either do not own their property, can’t afford the upfront costs, or have a site that’s unsuitable. The goal of the project is to expand solar access to every sector of the community, including people that have low- to middle-incomes,” said Pam Edwards, a member of the team that’s been working on this project since its inception in February 2017 (Advertiser Democrat)



Quick Facts



Shared solar array to create energy that offsets your CMP bill.



Subscribers, including low- and middle-income households, and  businesses, can show interest here.

Have your latest CMP bill handy before you start!







LEAD: Pam Edwards
TEAM: Michael Dunn, Don Maclean, Larry Forbes, Zizi Vlaun, Scott Vlaun


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